Sunday, February 27, 2005

Silly Stuff


In today's New York Times... They almost complete a game of 20 questions with Damien Hirst. In fact it is an edited version of cocktail repartee where Deborah Solomon asks eleven questions and gets in a total of sixteen zingers. Mr. Hirst's responses at the end of it are rather droll.
Solomon: Nicely put. I see you are beginning to acquire the wisdom that comes with age.
Hirst: I'm 39, and I will be turning 40 on June 7. No more enfant terrible!
Solomon: Yes, and I guess we can no longer call you a Y.B.A., for Young British Artist.
Hirst: I won't miss it. They will have to change it to O.B.A., for Old British Artist.
Solomon: That doesn't sound very lyrical.
Hirst: No. But it's better than being a D.B.A. -- a Dead British Artist.

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