Saturday, February 05, 2005

Getting out of here to see other people's art - #2


Yesterday afternoon I went downtown to check out the following:

Untitled group show at Galerie Bernard DesRoches - B+
Same old, same old at Les Modernes - C+
Scott Addis at Galerie 2050 - C+
La Hierarchie des Besoins, Juliana Pivato& Pierre Julien at the VAV Gallery - B+
3x3, Flavin, Andre, Judd at The Leonard and Bina Ellen - C
Les lois de l'indifference, Romeo Gongora at UQAM - A
Glissements. Art et ecriture at UQAM - B+

I think I scored paperwork from all the galleries that we were at. But then again, I might not have.

If the show at Concordia is called 3x3, why are there only two pieces by Dan Flavin?

What I assume is the work by Juliana Pivatois very nice, reminiscent of both Godley & Creme and Janet Cardiff. As she is still in the very early stages of her career, this is ok. If she was say, thirty years older, this would not be a good thing. If in fact it is by Pierre Julien the same thoughts apply.

If you haven't been to Les Modernes, it is worth at least one visit, but only one. And the two shows at UQAM rock like nobody's business, pretty darn wonderful stuff - and there's even a lot of video work, and I normally can't stand video.

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