Friday, February 18, 2005

Getting back in the saddle


Well, it appears that Hour is back on track. Isa Tousignant edits one article about Visual Art (the one that can't be named...) and writes a second one, 690words long about the Marc Audette exhibit at Pierre-Francois Ouellette. She's obviously picked up some serious chops during the hiatus. Lines like "If there is any lesson at all to be drawn from the Cirque du Soleil (other than Make Your Own Fortune 101), it is that humility is a virtue when art is your ambition." And "there is pleasure to be had in the elementary experience of walking into a dimmed gallery where a few sparse works shine like glossy pebbles at the bottom of a pond. The serenity of this environment heightens the privileged bond between the spectator and the object," are mighty nice. But she saves the best for last when she neatly and precisely braids together the riff on the Cirque, chaos theory, and a pomo rant into something kick-ass.

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