Thursday, January 27, 2005

Radio Roadsworth


Last night, Roadsworth made it to Radio Canada. The program "Porte Ouverte" had a round table discussion between Roadsworth, Yves Sheriff and Francyne Lord. You can listen to it here (Streaming Windows Media).

Basically Mme. Lord's point is/was that the city does have a process for handling and allowing public art projects. Unfortunately, on the website for the Montreal Bureau d'art public they don't have any sort of information about the how's and the what-to-do's. They do have a list of what they consider all the public art in Montreal. They separate them out into three categories, Assemblage (or which there is one example), Installation (which has eleven), and Sculpture (201). They also have a document outlining the competition for a new piece of art in Molson Park (unfortunately the deadline was in November).

I have some additional ideas percolating. I'll let you know how they go, as they happen.

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