Wednesday, January 12, 2005

La Presse is rockin' Le Devoir is sinking


I don't know what 's in the water, but it seems that La Presse is going hog wild in their coverage of the visual arts in the new year. I think htat this is wonderful, amazing, great and a very good thing.

They have two articles published since the weekend, one a 567 word overview of the building boom in big libraries. It was written by the very same Francois Cardinal who wrote the editorial about Roadsworth. I did not know that there was a building boom in libraries. He also wrote a 839 word article aobut our very own Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, which is almost finished being built right now.

The overview is nice, the reason it caught my eye is that the headline read: "The New Temples of Culture." I missed the real article because it had a much more pedestrian headline. It has a nice descriptive bit about the library is going to repair a big rip in the urban fabric. I however will wait to pass judgement on the building until I've actually seen and been in it.

Then today, La Presse also has a nice informative (but short) 288 word article on how the Musée Juste pour rire scored $443,742 so that they can digitize part of their collection. If this is what Liza Frulla meant when she said that she was going to be giving more money to museums (or the news release, here) then I'm against it. The Musée Juste pour rire is as much a museum as my shoes are, and giving almost half-a-million dollars that could be better spent on oh, say a gazillion other places is ridiculous. And to top it off, I betcha that the resulting website is worse than the CBC's.

And Le Devoir needs to pick up the pace slightly, the only thing of interest that they can come up with is a 773 word reprint of a Presse Canadienne article about how Anthony R. Westbridge thinks that the auction market for Canadian Art is going to continue to get better. I'm certain that the other article on the same page of the hard copy of Le Devoir was that the sun will be rising in the east tomorrow morning.

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