Saturday, December 18, 2004

What's Contemporary got to do with it?


Back at the end of November, Heffel Fine Art made the newspapers by successfully auctioning off a painting by E.J. Hughes for $920,000.

Fishboats, Rivers Inlet

The line that caught my eye was this: "Hughes can now count himself among Emily Carr, Lawren Harris and Jean-Paul Riopelle in the upper ranks of Canadian artists."

So that's what some nameless writer at the CBC thinks is the heart of Canadian Art?

Then, skipping down the garden path... The press folderol for the auction states; "There are a handful of Canadian artists who command six-figure prices for their work. Paul Peel, Emily Carr, Tom Thompson and Canada’s Group of Seven, Jean-Paul Riopelle... E.J. Hughes, Alex Colville and Jeff Wall." And, yes, the Heffel press release doesn't make mention of Paul Kane.

So it seems that the nameless writer at the CBC figures that expensive paintings equals important Canadian Art. Nice thought for the day, eh?

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