Sunday, December 12, 2004

Montreal Stuff


Tuesday the city announced the winners of the Pierre-Ayot prize, and the Louis-Comtois prize. For those outside the loop, or who missed all the headlines, the Pierre-Ayot goes to the "best" artist in Montreal under the age of 35, who has been practicing art for less than 10 years, had a show (group or solo) in Montreal during the past year, and lives and/or works in Montreal. What isn't mentioned, is that as it is sponsored by The Montreal Contemporary Art Gallery Association, and the city, if the artist is not represented by a gallery who is a member of AGAC, then your chances of winning are pretty much nil, nada, zero, and next to impossible.

While I can point out and give you addresses of over 500 places in Montreal that exhibit contemporary art on a regular basis, AGAC has eighteen members.

Congrats to Jerome Fortin, and I am certain that the $3,000 he got is better than a kick in the pants, and his dealer, Pierre-Francois Ouellette probably is going to enjoy the $2,500 that can be used towards an exhibit.

The Louis-Comtois Prize is similarly organized, except there is no age restriction, and one must have been a practicing artist for more than ten years. If you win, you get $5,000. Congrats to Stephen Schofield and Joyce Yahouda.

For what it is worth here are lists of the previous winners of each prize, and their Google Juice:
1996: Marie-France Brière = 373
1997: Pierre Dorion = 1,900
1998: Rober Racine = 1,040
1999: Sylvie Laliberté = 3,800
2000: Guy Pellerin = 971
2001: Roberto Pellegrinuzzi = 483
2002: Alain Paiement = 952
2003: Richard-Max Tremblay = 457

Pierre-Ayot Prize:
1996: Nadine Norman = 557
1997: Stéphanie Béliveau = 262
1998: Marc Séguin = 13,400
1999: Émmanuel Galland = 289
2000: Nicolas Baier = 995
2001: Nathalie Grimard = 138
2002: Michel De Broin = 1,130
2003: Pascal Grandmaison = 560

For what it is worth, Yvon Cozic, Georges Curzi, Bernard Lévy, Jo-Ann Kane, and Marc Mayer were the members of the jury.

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