Friday, December 10, 2004

Maybe Kinkade sleeps better?


Jessica Gary, who writes insurgent.muse, read this, which then got picked up here. So much for provenance.

And for what it is worth, the stock is currently trading at $3.98. And doesn't seem to be doing much of anything since the merger happened at the beginning of the year. (oops, silly me! the merger was designed to take the company private! Doh! I hate it when that happens).

Now, despite John Baldessari suggesting that Mr. Kincade and Jeff Koons are two sides of the same coin, I would point out that given that there is (or maybe was, I'm too lazy to look up the court records) a class-action suit against Mr. Kincade, and while there most certainly is invective tossed Mr. Koon's way, I would guess that 99% of it never makes it beyond the pages of ArtForum, and that none of it approaches this:
...there's no denying that he is in bed with a very shroud and non-christian corporation that worships money and is willing to weave a false facade of holesomeness and good Christian belief to dupe people into forking out large sums of cash for a print made by a souless computer and then computer stamped signature in less than two minutes flat and framed by bulk purchased frames and mats produced over seas by non-christians.
Or this:
"I have this certain ability to have in my mind an image that means something to real people," he said, sitting on a sofa across the room from the easels. "The No. 1 quote critics give me is 'Thom, your work is irrelevant.' Now, that's a fascinating, fascinating comment. Yes, irrelevant to the little subculture, this microculture, of modern art. But here's the point: My art is relevant because it's relevant to ten million people. That makes me the most relevant artist in this culture, not the least. Because I'm relevant to real people." He sat up and started to laugh. "I remember that quote, man! It was a great quote! It was 'The Louvre is full of dead pictures by dead artists.' And you know, that's the dead art we don't want anything to do with!" He laughed again and slapped his thighs. "We're the art of life, man! We're bringing the life back to art!"
So for what it is worth, I completely and utterly disagree with Mr. Baldessari. So there!

If you disagree with me, then who would be the contemporary art equivalents of the following?
Eric Waugh, Bev Doolittle, and Terry Redlin? Sounds like it could be a fun party game!

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