Saturday, December 18, 2004

Interesting reading


Nice and simple

From NPR, Where Science Meets Art.
Anna L. Conti's interview with Mark Grim.
Todd Gibson of From the Floor Fame, writes about the business side of art.
NEWSgrist and From the Floor point out that controversy in art is not limited to Montreal. Although, both of them miss one right in their backyard.

And then since everybody else is doing it, I might as well.
First, wake
Second, fabian marcaccio at mam
Third, thinking and not thinking
OK, still with me? now here's where it get complicated...
Fourth, Meaning in Art is Bad?
Fifth, thinking about thinking and not thinking
Sixth, Franklin's Response
Seventh, Fragmentary Thinking
Eighth, Was ist Äufklarung?
Ninth, simpleposie question for the day #278
Tenth, Addressing a Deficit of Dorking

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