Monday, December 06, 2004

I might move to Toronto


Unlike most of the daily newspapers here in town, in Toronto, it seems like they cover art, seriously. I just started reading The Toronto Star, and their visual arts critic Peter Goddard.

Besides having an absolutely hilarious, fun, informative and appropriate article about "Le Corps Gay (The Gay Body)" exhibit at Hart House. They also decided to publish excerpts from a speech that Karen Kain gave a Harvard University.

While the only people I can think of who might disagree with Ms. Kain's main thesis, are the same people who would kill puppies, or enjoy sticking burning hot knitting needles in the eyes of their grandmothers, I do have some bones to pick with her about some specifics.

A) A "large... complex organizational framework" within the context of any art, is wrong and bad. Getting rid of the damn large and complex organizational framework. Ditch some of the pencil pushers, give more money to the artists. If I remember correctly, the Canada Council tries to keep administrative costs to 30% of their total budget. Umm, if they were a charity trying to solicit donations from the public, they'd be called highway robbers! The mark of a good charity is one that can keep its administrative costs less than 20%.

B) "Reintegrating the live performing arts into the public life of our cities and communities and making them central to our lives as citizens is not an easy challenge." Wrong-O! Boy-O! It ain't rocket science folks. Here in Montreal they close down the center of the freakin' city for the freakin' summer so "live performing arts" are forced down the freakin' throats of the citizens (OK, I promise I stop freakin' from now on...).

Yes, it is important to sustain the arts, but it is also important, if not more important How we sustain the arts.

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