Friday, November 26, 2004

More on Government funding vs. other possibilities


This article in the Guardian (sorry about being late with it) explains what the British Government is doing in order to support art.

This article from the begining of the month, in the New York Times, explains how art things get financed in new York City.

This press release
from the city of Montreal, explains how the city is going to spend $1.7 billion dollars (despite the report on art, none of these capital expendetures are going there).

This press release from the Quebec Government came out on the 22nd of June, I haven't heard much about it, nor have I had the time to slog through it. If you come accross anything interesting let me know, ok?

And finally, this is a list of all the funding opportunities available from the Quebec Government for artists.

Personally, my preference is the way Glenn D. Lowry raised almost a billion dollars (US) for modern and contemporary art. While I like the British concept, I'm not certain how far $4,500 (cdn) will go, and I'd love to see a study done in a couple of years to see how it has affected pricing of art in London. But I am certain, and completely positive that arguing about peanuts from a government can get tedious.

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