Thursday, November 04, 2004

Jean-François Lacombe - Above, Below, Center and Ether


An advance preview of Jean-François Lacombe's exhibit that is about to happen here. I hope that you can make it for one of the four vernissages that are happening here.

The Non-Smoking Vernissage, November 4, 5:00 pm
The Pet-Friendly Vernissage, November 5, 5:00 pm
The Vernissage, November 6, 8:00 pm
The Kid-Friendly Vernissage, November 7, 1:00 pm

Jean-François' art is mostly meaty, big, but it isn't bouncy. He is younger than all of the members of The Who, and since he doesn't play bass, he doesn't date very young women. I think that is the extent of all the allusions I can make between the art of Jean-François Lacombe and The Who.

None the less, his sculptures rock, they make me a happy Jack, and as some of them have holes carved in them, when I look through them I can see for miles. As he is significantly younger than I am, I do not think that he is representative of my generation, but his work does take into account certain concepts and ideas that are very important to his generation. They are environmentally friendly while at the same time making quite significant statements about the state of our environment. If I knew anybody named Boris, the spider web he would be able to see by connecting the pieces that Jean-François has done would be something I can't explain. You could say, that by sculpting, Jean-François has become the seeker, while this in and of itself is no substitute for the lack of substance in this paragraph, I don't think you'd want to call it a legal matter.

Anyway, anyhow, anywhere you stand in the gallery you can get a strong sense that, as Jean-François is significantly younger than I am, the kids are alright. If I was his age I'd be able to say I'm a boy, but there is no way that I would be able to be as technically brilliant with wood as he is. I guess I'll have to content myself with wanting to be a pinball wizard if I try something else. If I could get my hands on a magic bus, then we would be going somewhere.

[ed note: Apologies for the tortured prose, but I was momentarily possessed by the spirit of Keith Moon - Windows Media Player is required for all the links]

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