Wednesday, October 13, 2004



Apparently in my giddiness, I completely forgot about the readers of Voir. Now for the record, I don't mind them having and using comments on the web site, but apparently they are printing them in the paper version, too. Nobody has told me that they are paying the commenters, and I wish that somebody would tell me that they do in fact pay the commenters who get published, but like Maisonneuve magazine does with visual artists, Voir prefers to get their content for free.

That all being said, I think I like the commenters more than M. Mavrikakis, some of the kick-ass lines: (all my rough and easy translations) "how could the government have given $600K to the Molson Ex Regatta in Valleyfield?" - Richard √Čthier

"The Old Montreal Star building..." - Yves Lalonde (Although everybody is reporting the biennale as taking place in the old Montreal Gazette building, they in fact only occupied it for 23 years or so, it was built and used by the now defunct Montreal Star for far longer.)

If the commenters are indeed representative of the general public then M. Gosselin can take heart, six commenters, all six like the biennale, albeit for a variety of reasons.

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