Monday, September 27, 2004

Survey! Survey...


We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast with a plea for you to fill out a survey.

Todd over at From the Floor asked me if I would participate in an attempt to gather some basic stuff about people who read Art Blogs (you know you're very special, Art Blogs are a small subset of an already relatively obscure field). I've already taken it, and also made my comments known. So I can vouch for it 100%.

If you have about 5 minutes in an already busy day, it would be very nice if you could fill it out. Besides this here blog, and From the Floor, A Daily Dose of Architecture, Art Addict, art blog, art.blogging.la, Coincidences, Gallery Hopper, Greg.org, Iconduel, Modern Art Notes, Modern Kicks, and In Search of the Miraculous.

As Dan at Iconduel writes, "I'll leave the full explanation to Todd Gibson, market research guru, Whitney docent and shamefully formidable art blogger."

So without further ado... Fill It Out!

Thanks tons!

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