Friday, September 03, 2004

Julia Dault on Joseph Beuys


It looks like today is my day to pick on Toronto writers in "National" newspapers. Yesterday, Ms. Dault wrote 775 words about a show at Artcore Gallery. Unfortunately, she (or her editors) don't mention anywhere in the article where Artcore Gallery is located. If I remember Journalism 101, isn't "where" one of the five "W's?" Hmmm...

Second off, in her attempt to prove herself competent in Beuys-ology, she spends almost 90% of her space writing about Beuys' life. I'd love to see the press kit and/or catalogue that accompanied the exhibit to see how much was cribbed. It took me three readings of the article to find out what the heck was in this exhibition. For the record: "more than 100 photographs of his work on the land and the project's events staged over the last 15 years of his life. Also included are 12 large-format colour images..."

I really like it when newspapers like the Journal de Montreal and the National Post cover art, but c'mon guys you can do better.

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