Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Jérôme Delgado on Patrick Coutu


M. Delgado jumps on the bandwagon, or becomes a lemming depending on your point of view. I've already written about Bernard Lamarche of Le Devoir reviewing Patrick Coutu's exhibit at Rene Blouin. I've given up on writing about Nicolas Mavrikakis' reviews, 'cuz they just bore me to tears, but last week he, too, reviewed the Patrick Coutu exhibit at Rene Blouin, so now M. Delgado writes a review of Patrick Coutu's exhibit at (you guessed it) Rene Blouin.


Jérôme Delgado: 482 words
Nicolas Mavrikakis: 645 words
Bernard Lamarche: 701 words

Are the readers of La Presse, Le Devoir, and Voir all so similar that the same art will appeal to all of them? Or is it that their readership is so completely different that nobody who reads one would think to read any of the other papers? Or is it something else?

Second, in Voir's listing of galleries there are currently, 87 different exhibits, and they aren't comprehensive. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that Mr. Mavrikakis and Mr. Delgado could not find a single other exhibit worthy of reviewing in town (Mr. Lamarche was first to press). It isn't like they didn't know about each other. Mr. Lamarche's was published on Saturday the 21st, Mr. Mavrikakis' was published on Thursday the 26th, and Mr. Delgado's was published on Sunday the 5th.

Third, what nuances are there between the writing styles of Mr. Delgado, Mr. Lamarche, and Mr. Mavrikakis that would support three separate reviews? All of them dutifully report on Mr. Coutu's previous exhibits, and they all dutifully give a cursory description of the pieces. And that's about it, granted my comprehension of written French ain't superlative, but there ain't no way I'm gonna confuse the writing of any of the three musketeers of art in Montreal with Alexandre Dumas, but if I ran into them in person I might confuse them with the Three Stooges.

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