Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Champ libre gets the full treatment


Jérôme Delgado, La Presse - Sept. 11, 646 words.
Nathalie Guimond, Voir - Sept. 16, 683 words.
Isa Tousignant, Hour - Sept. 16, 733 words.
Bernard Lamarche, Le Devoir - Sept. 18, 723 words.
Jérôme Delgado, La Presse - Sept. 20, 680 words.

Total = 3,465 words

Champ Libre press release, 1,481 words [pdf document].

Six curators (577.5 words per), 125 artists (27.7 words per), 20 countries (173.25 words per). I wonder how many people will come see it?

I'm not a big fan of video art, but I gotta give props to Champ Libre, doing stuff in a big way, tying in with Les journees de la culture. At the risk of annoying people with my constant repetition, I don't like it when newspaper art critics repeat press releases. Ms. Tousignant is the only one who stands out from the crowd by focusing in on the Ping Pong that is going to be happening (although Mr. Delgado does mention it in his second article - doubly interesting when I discovered that Le Devoir is the daily newspaper who "partners" with Champ Libre, I would've figured that M. Lamarche would've been the one to write two articles).

Anyhows props all around to Francois Cormier, Cecile Martin, Camille Dumas, Marie-Anne Moreau, and Francois Vandaele.

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