Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bernard Lamarche on the Biennale de Montréal


Somehow I thought that there had been an awful lot more press about Claude Gosselin's baby (actually, now officially an adult) but it appears that only M. Lamarche has waded into the waters. Over the weekend he wrote 1,393 words.

Pretty much an overview instead of a review (which, to me is a very good thing in a daily newspaper) M. Lamarche does a thorough and comprehensive job.

I've been to the Gazette building part of it, and commented about one of the opening nights here and from the people I've talked to, there doesn't seem to be anybody out there (so far) who is going to rave about it. I've heard a variety of excuses, from M. Gosselin being tired, to lack of money, to "no ideas," to M. Gosselin being extremely bitter about not getting the job that went to Marc Mayer.

It'll be interesting to read what Jerome Delgado, Nicholas Mavrikakis, Henry Lehman, Isa Tousignant, and whoever is covering visual art this week at the Mirror, have to say about it.

What I think will be more interesting, is will Sarah Milroy swing into town? Or can Pierre Pilotte get somebody from the New York Times or some other out-of-towners in to check it out?

M. Lamarche writes that M. Gosselin draws comparisons and similarities to Liverpool's Biennale. They've already been written up in The Guardian, let's see how that comparison plays out over time.

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