Monday, September 06, 2004

Another Art Theft!


If you haven't noticed, school's back in session. So I am going to attempt to add The Paper Cut (Marianopolis College), The Concordian (Concordia University), The Link (Concordia University), and Quartier Libre (Universite de Montreal), Montréal Campus (Universite de Quebec a Montreal), Le Delit (McGill University), McGill Daily (McGill University), and the McGill Tribune (McGill University) to my regular reading list. If anybody knows of other student newspapers out there, please let me know, and for you out-of-towners, does eight school newspapers in one town seem like a lot, or a little?

First out of the block is the Link, which has an article about the theft over the summer, of two of Thomas Shortliffe's paintings. While not exactly on par with the other art theft this summer, it is very worrisome. On one hand, when discussing security concerns here at Zeke's, one of the things that I tell artists, is that in the unlikely event that something gets boosted, they should consider it in a positive light - as art from an unknown artist is even more difficult to sell than art from a known artist - so the only reason somebody's gonna boost it is 'cuz they love it, and they don't think that they can afford it. As an unknown artist, knowing that there is somebody out there who loves your work, is some comfort.

On the other hand, losing something sucks.

If you're in the neighborhood of Montreal, and you see this painting, you probably should drop Mr. Shortliffe a note or call the cops.

Then while we're at it, I came across these cool posters at the Interpol website. Pretty much a Top Six of The Most Wanted Works of Art. A new poster released every six months.

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