Monday, August 16, 2004

Zoë Tousignant on Bettina Hoffmann


Nothing like having a sister as editor, eh? The other Ms. Tousignant writes 284 words on the current exhibit at the Saidye Bronfman's Liane and Danny Taran Gallery (where the other Ms. Tousignant used to work). I would have preferred to see either Ms. Tousignant argue their point about the exhibition in a more forceful way. In Zoë's blurb, she states that "[t]he idea that we all play predetermined roles in society, by our own volition or more often due to peer pressure, is arguably the thread that unites these pieces."

Yet, the press release (my best guess is that it was written by Isa) states, "A depiction of innocence lost, Hoffmann’s children express a strange mix of youth and maturity, imitating and copying the world that surrounds them as they strike poses and take on roles that seem oddly adult-like and serious."

It looks to me like something got lost in the translation. How striking a pose for a photographer, which was perhaps suggested by the photographer, leads to predetermined roles in society, is not exactly clear to me.

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