Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Nicolas Mavrikakis on Artefact "en galerie"


I'm late, he was late, we're all late. Last Thursday (the 5th) M. Mavrikakis wote 447 words on the show that was up at Art Mûr until the 7th. Yet another reason why reviews in this town are very good for CV's and not so good for anything else. Back in June, he wrote 287 words on Artefact 2004 which is taking place on the mountain as we speak. He was able to only mention five of the thirteen artists participating obviously due to space constarints. This time he's got more space, but only manages to talk about two of the six participants in the exhibition. For what it is worth, Martin Boisseau got his name in print twice. Hmmm, what does it all mean?

Basically, Art Mûr got some of the artists participating in Artefact to do an exhibit indoors. The stuff was kick-ass. It would have been nice if he had used more words and at least attempted to describe more. Hey, maybe some analysis, too!

His name dropping this time involves what I read as sucking up. Almost 1/4 of his article is devoted to an explanation of and a list of the artists exhibiting upstairs at Art Mûr. Why else would he need to mention David Elliott and Leopold Plotek? He says "J'ai plus particulièrement apprécié..." (or in blokespeak; I really liked...). I don't understand why he needs to prop things up by writing that the artists were chosen by Mr.'s Elliott and Plotek.

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