Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Michel Hellman on Juan Geuer


Le Devoir finally decided to unlock an article about visual art (yay!) and it turns out that Michel Hellman wrote 727 words on a current exhibit at what they call the Darling Foundry, but also could be called Quartier Ephemere. For those of you with short memories, it was only 12 days ago when I published the interview I had with M. Hellman.

The first thing that jumped out at me, was that there are in fact two exhibitions happening at Quartier Ephemere, I wonder how Jean-Pierre Aube is feeling now? Or is M. Hellman planning on writing another review, next week about his exhibition? Or are we supposed to read something into the omission? Or something else?

As there are only three pieces in the exhibit, M. Hellman gives each one a full paragraph, and use his words well to describe them, he also gives a short bio of the artist, and overall gives a good impression of the art.

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