Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Louise Leduc talks to Guy Cogeval


La Presse got Ms. Leduc to talk to, and follow up the Canadienne Presse article about the various lawsuits Guy Cogeval has been served with that they ran on the 12th of July. She writes 586 words based on an interview she had with M. Cogeval that was requested by the Museum of Fine Arts. As anybody who reads this regularly knows that this is old news, I figured that I would use it as an opportunity to lay out the timeline of the coverage. Also, as I have mentioned before, it looks to me like Annette Leduc Beaulieu and Brooks Beaulieu are doing what is technically called in the Art World as a "cash grab."

August 16, La Presse
August 4, Liberation
July 13, Radio Canada
July 13, Le Devoir
July 13, Canoe [via LCN]
July 12, La Presse
June 17, Globe and Mail - Profile of M. Cogeval, but no mention of the lawsuits.
June 2, The Gazette - Not available on line
Undated, The Art Newspaper
May 28, Washington City Paper

If anybody wants a copy of the lawsuit and the other papers that have been filed, email me, I have copies, be forewarned it is 57 pages of dense legalese.

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