Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The article that le Devoir didn't want you to read


On Saturday Le Devoir published an article in the paper edition that wasn't liberated for the online edition. Thankfully, it was a reprint from Liberation, and is available for anybody and everybody at their website. 638 words that go into fun gossipy stuff about the litigation that Guy Cogeval is currently going through.

The highlight:
"They are not historians of art. They could not draw a synthesis from their documentation and missed minimal general culture to know this period. Their notes are enamelled errors." Or the original «Ils ne sont pas historiens de l'art. Ils n'ont pu tirer une synthèse de leur documentation et manquaient de la culture générale minimale pour connaître cette période. Leurs notes sont émaillées d'erreurs.»
Basically, it looks to me like Annette Leduc and Brooks Beaulieu are trying to extort 1 million euros, and M. Cogeval is not taking it lying down. Good on him.

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