Thursday, July 29, 2004

Siri Agrell gets it backwards


OK, so I'm slowly coming around to the fact that the National Post actually does cover art every now and again, but somebody there should put something in place to prevent navel gazing. Siri Agrell (anybody out there know if Siri is a guy's name or a girl's name?) wrote something in today's paper that is just flat out bass awckward. A simple 251 words comparing this picture

Salvador Dali's Female Figure with Head of Flowers done in 1937 with this picture

A storm kicks up fine orange sand in Oure Cassoni camp in the northern part of Chad's border with Sudan July 19, 2004. Soon the dry weather will be replaced by the rainy season, which will complicate efforts to bring relief aid to the almost 200,000 Sudanese refugees who have fled to Chad. (Gauthier Lefevre/IFRC via Reuters)

Taken about a week and a half ago by somebody named Gauthier Lefevre (at least I know that Gauthier is a guy!) Given that M. Lefevre works for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (the IFRC in the credits) I would imagine that he is fairly well schooled. Last I heard in places outside of Canada, the Red Cross doesn't go around hiring dummies. Did Mr. or Ms. Agrell ever think that perhaps M. Lefevre knew about the Dali painting, and deliberately snapped a photograph to look like it? And then on top of it, the Post couldn't find it in them to publish both images in the web version of the paper. Hello?!? is anybody home? What's the point in publishing an analysis of imagery without the freakin' images?

Beyond that her analysis and comparison of the two images gets a gold star from me, double 'cuz it's in a daily newspaper. Those things don't happen too often.

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