Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sarah Milroy rips the Power Plant


Catching up on all the old stuff I came across this 1,096 word article by Ms. Milroy where she basically states that the three things showing at the Power Plant in Toronto are not worth your time.

On first blush I like the concept that she's ripping in to stuff. On second thought I fell obligated to come to their defense (me being a contrarian and all). So I am obviously confused.

The contrarian in me asks; If they all are so horrible, then why have they been reviewed in the Globe and Mail? And if memory serves I even think that they were reviewed favorably.

The one that likes reading nasty stuff says; yeah right on! Who cares about a freakin' ferris wheel, the umpteenth time that 40 part motet rolls into town and some artist from Berlin?

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