Monday, July 19, 2004

Read this now (ok, maybe later...)


I've been searching for this for about two years now, and I'm getting closer and closer. There's this guy who does spectacular road art here in town. One of the streets that he paints on quite frequently is Saint Laurent, as a consequence I've seen a bunch of his stuff. Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out who he was. Well, now there's an interview with him up at the Wooster Collective! Wicked Cool!!

The first picture is Saint Urbain and Duluth.
The second picture is 50 feet from the gallery (the handicap access to Moishe's)
I don't know where the third picture is from, but the barbed wire motif is popping up all over.
The fourth picture is Parc Ave (I think) although there is another camera here at Napoleon and Saint Laurent.
The fifth picture is obviously Saint Urbain leading up to Bernard.

My day just got infinitely better.

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