Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Nicolas Mavrikakis on lots of things


For a bunch of reasons, I've been slack in keeping up with what Mr. Mavrikakis has been writing, apologies, and mea culpa. Let's get back up on that horse, ok?

Back on Fete Saint Jean, he wrote 441 words about the current exhibition at Circa, called "La sculpture et le vent." Sixty percent of the article is a polemic about the state of feminism today. Umm, no to belabor the obvious, but didn't Mr. Mavrikakis think that perhaps the art in the show could've used that space?

His name dropping is muted as he only writes "Linda Nochlin" and "Artemisia Gentileschi." But if his thesis truly is that women deserve to be heard more, then why the tiny article?

On the same day, he wrote 287 words in basically note form about Artefact (on the mountain) the exhibition at Galerie 1225, and the Roberto Dutesco show on McGill College. Umm, isn't this why Voir has listings?

Then finally, this past Thursday, he wrote 582 words about the Oceania exhibit at Pointe a Calliere. I betcha he was told to review this as Pointe a Calliere does advertise in Voir, quite heavily, and why else would somebody who has a gig as a writer about "Contemporary Canadian Art" put pen to paper about something that was Natural History from 8,000 miles away?

All I can assume is that Fran├žois Desmeules and figures a museum is a museum is a museum.

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