Thursday, July 22, 2004

Nate Lippens joins the club


The Seattle Stranger just got themselves a new Art Critic, and I'd like to officially welcome him to the club. His 1,191 word article about elitism in the Art World is dead-on-balls-accurate.

There's a bunch of stuff going around the bloggosphere about the state of Art Criticism. Beyond this article, there's also Emily Hall's farewell column in the previous edition of the Stranger, MAeX Art Blog's is organizing a critic's panel in Miami, NEWSgrist mentioned INTHECONSERVATION: art talk outside the cube, in this entry.

Then yesterday Simpleposie asked "Is there enough journalistic art criticism (newspaper coverage) of the visual arts?" And in general always asks questions related to criticism, and then there's the big daddy of them all, iconduel blogs here, here, and here. Which got him these responses, which lead to these other blog entries by Timothy Quigley, Sally McKay, and Marja-Leena Rathje.

Everybody's going wild over criticism! Cool!

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