Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More on Toly Kouroumalis


For those of you who don't receive the newsletter, this is how I described Toly's work for the past two weeks.

July 7: We got Art with a capital "A!" It also might come with a capital "XXX" or disgust you so thoroughly that you wanna wretch. Then again, you might smile slightly, nod sagely, and realize that Toly is just putting his emotions up on paper in their rawest form. Most people as you might have realized, are not comfortable with raw emotions, much easier to deal with them after they have been filtered, massaged, or otherwise manipulated, hence the need for a gazillion dollar pharmaceutical industry (how's that for social commentary, eh?) I didn't think you were one of those people, hence me telling you that you should get your butt up here and check 'em out.

June 30: You want angry? You want pissed off, you wanna be shocked? You wanna be aghast? Well, Toly's the artist for you! He wears his emotions on his sleeve, but they aren't the standard issue, happy go lucky, lets live in the suburbs and have a barbecue emotions. No, in a nutshell, they are much more like, ok, fuck I'm stuck in the freakin' suburbs and I wanna shoot somebody, give me that damn beer and get your face outa here, now! I said NOW! If you feel up to it, you are welcome at anytime to come and take a gander at his fine paintings, and be thankful that he likes paintbrushes more than AK-47s.

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