Sunday, July 25, 2004

Martin Patriquin on manhole covers


Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Mr. Patriquin reports about Vancouver's latest attempt at public art. Most of it involves talking to Daina Augaitus, the chief curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Apparently Mr. Patriquin missed the article in the Globe and Mail where Ms. Augaitus poo-pooed lowbrow art.

She rather tersely points out the difference between judging and jurying a competition, and then goes on to say "This is not something you'll find in New York..." Yeah, right, if the woman had done some work, other than sitting around chatting with an artist, a writer and an environmentalist (the other members of the jury) she would have realized that this sort of stuff has been around in New York for a couple of hundred years.

I think Mr. Patriquin could have done a better job of deflating Ms. Augaitus, but then again he hasn't been on the job too long, so I probably should cut him some slack.

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