Saturday, July 03, 2004

Jérôme Delgado on le Musée des beaux-arts de l'Ontario


Last week M. Delgado went a courtin' travelling, down the 401, and he came away with 987 words about the current exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario (don't it sound way better in French?)

I find it interesting that La Presse will give an extra 30% worth of words to some old dead white guys in a different province, instead of the the art that is happening here in town.

As for the review itself, M. Delgado basically takes the idea that because they are old dead white guys their paintings are good. Stop the presses! That is obviously news.

What I find most annoying is his last paragraph (which might have been a sidebar in print)

Toronto est sans aucun doute la pierre angulaire des arts visuels au Canada. C'est là, on le sait, que se trouve le marché. Et avec les récents développements immobiliers, l'art contemporain, loin de se ghettoïser en deux trois lieux, prend du poids.

Or in blokespeak "Toronto is without doubt the center of the Visual Arts in Canada. It's there, we know that we can find a market. And with the recent real estate developments, Contemporary Art, far from being ghettoised in two or three places gains weight."

Give me a break. If M. Delgado did his job better, Montreal would be the center of the Arts World in Canada.

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