Monday, July 26, 2004

Controversy via the Regina Leader-Post


Over in the western part of Canada it seems that they don't like naked bodies. I originally came across this story in the National Post, but they wouldn't let me read it. So I clicked over to the Regina Leader-Post and read the original. After reading it I realized that there was no controversy, sorry if I got your knickers in a knot.

First, Jana G. Pruden calls the Dunlop Art Gallery "a small Regina art gallery." Wrong. It's about 1,400 square feet, if she wants to be technical that would qualify it as a medium sized gallery. If she paid attention to Art, then she would realize that actual size does not correspond to reputation in which case the Dunlop qualifies as Extra-Large.

Second, she can't get the name of the Artists right, while "General Ideas" is close, I am certain if I were to write that her name was Jana G. Prude, she'd be annoyed. I think that the Leader-Post needs better editors.

Third, given that the quotes "Ms. Prude" got from the "general publics" were:

Jamie Cooper said he went to see the show after hearing about the controversy. "From what I heard on the news I was expecting it to be offensive, I was expecting it to be pornography but it's not," he said. "It's in a gallery, it's art and people have a choice either to view it or not."


Rhonda Ritsco admits the pictures were shocking at first, but says she felt differently after talking to a gallery worker about what the work means. "I look at it another way now," she says. "I'm also wondering if all the public would be as outraged if it was women rather than men. There seems to be a double standard that women can be exposed and men can't."
I wonder who the headline writer is for the L-P and what exactly they were trying to accomplish.

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