Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bernard Lamarche on Changes


M. Lamarche appears to be back and still in one piece. Thankfully, the good folk at Le Devoir decided to let everybody read his most recent article, although now doing a little bit of research, I seem to be late to the party, it appears like he started writing again at the begining of July. Anyhows, he writes a 577 word article about changes afoot at 460 Sainte Catherine West.

It hasn't exactly been a secret, but galleries have been moving out of 460 for a while, now it appears that the floodgates have opened much wider. Skol, La Centrale et Dare-dare, Vidéographe and Artexte are all moving.

What I like best is that we're getting new neighbors! La Centrale is moving to 4296 Saint Laurent, wicked cool!

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