Monday, June 07, 2004

Way behind schedule!!!


One problem with doing the CDs, is that I get behind schedule with the art stuff. I haven't quite figured out how to balance both, give me time, ok? In the meantime, here's what I've been meaning to write about, in a slightly truncated form, and as I am behind the eight-ball, I'm gonna let the Sunday Art Review Round-Up take a break this week, instead of stressing myself more by trying to get that out, too.

In no particular order:

The Gazette covered the lawsuits that involve Guy Cogeval, some more background can be gleaned from this article from the Art Newspaper. I've also been told by Tyler Green that the Art Newspaper has published an article about the whole sordid business, unfortunately it ain't available on line.

In the Globe and Mail, they continued to cover more sordid art business, apparently Andrew Orkin, a Hamilton lawyer, his older brother, Mark Orkin, and his older sister, Sarah-Rose Josepha Adler are being sued by Elizabeth Taylor (yes, that Elizabeth Taylor) over possession of a painting by Van Gogh. Cool, eh?

Way back in May, the Journal de Montréal did a synopsis of the Museum's Day where they touted that 120,000 people took part. Hmmm, 30 museums, 120K people, 4,000 people per museum, somehow it does not strike me as something good from a city of almost 4 million.

Also, in May, ionarts (a kick-ass blog, by the way) did a particularly good posting on war art. Good thing it was Memorial Day in the states, eh?

Then because there were a wicked amount of auctions, there was a wicked amount of coverage, the CBC decided to tout that a painting by Lauren Harris sold for $1.5 million dollars, yawn. The Globe and Mail said that it sold for $1.4 million, what's $100,000 between journalists? Yawn, yawn. La Presse goes for "un de chez nous" and trumpets a Clarence Gagnon selling for $600K, yawn, yawn, yawn. Then there is more coverage here something attempting to pass itself off as analysis here.

Then over at the "real" arts coverage, last year the Musee des beaux Arts went gaga over the 60's, then the 35th anniversary of John and Yoko's bed in took the city by storm, well now the Jardins Botaniques are getting hip to nostalgia, Louise-Maude Rioux Soucy reports in Le Devoir about the "Flower Power" show there. I would guess that Ms. Rioux Soucy writes really well, 'cuz the exhibition sounds very interesting.

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