Saturday, June 05, 2004

The "Other" Zeke's Gallery


Besides doing art exhibitions (which is more than a full time job) one of the other things that is as important is getting people to see the art. Most people (at least here on Montréal) don't really care about it contemporary Canadian Art.

One of the things that I have done as a direct attempt to get people in here to look at the art, is schedule concerts. One of the offshoots of scheduling concerts is that they get recorded, and then released as limited edition CDs.

This has been incredibly successful, tonight the band Randboro is going to be playing, and it'll mean that something like an extra 30 pairs of eyes will have an opportunity to see Philip's paintings.

Incidentally to that it sometimes means that I have to work on the CDs, and this is what I have been doing for the past couple of days. I've just recently finished four of them. Marie Desneiges Stockland & Nikita U is/was volume 119 (or in other words the 119th thing that has been recorded here). Unfortunately I don't know of a way to get the sound files posted here, so you're going to have to take my word for it.

Marie has played here before (back in November) and she is always a pleasure to hear. She's got a voice like a nightingale and her songs kick butt, too. But hearing Nikita U was a revelation. They got 44 fannies in the seats here, and as the two of them are still in college, I can safely say that most, if not all of the audience, had not been in an art gallery in the past year.

Mike Spilka & Pat Boivin played here the same night as Matt Stern (see below) and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.

This show, broke all attendance records (I'm still amazed that they managed to squeeze 85 people onto the couches). If you look closely at the cover for Mike & Pat, you can almost count everybody.

Then finally, the last CD that I finished was by Throwback who despite being enamored of cheesy eighties hits are an amazing album.

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