Thursday, June 03, 2004

"Olga" by Dana Rempel


It is busy here right now, so I will continue with the retrospective of things that have shown here. This is called "Olga" it is by Dana Rempel, and it was part of the fifth exhibition here.

His show was called "Love for Sale." Basically what he did was send away for a catalogue of Russian mail-order brides and then did portraits of them based on their pictures in the catalogue. There were eighteen of them in total in the show.

I made many sophmoric comments about his subject matter (hey, easy jokes are fun...) but the seeing them all at once sorta took it out of the gutter (or the bathroom, depending on your preference) and as with Kristi's show made it very interesting because each and every damn one of them was staring at me for a month.

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