Sunday, June 20, 2004

Nicolas Mavrikakis on François Lacasse


Over at the sister publication, Voir, one of the two articles by Mr. Mavrikakis are available on line. He writes a surprisingly short 433 words on the latest and greatest at Rene Blouin's Gallery.

It appears that Mr. Mavrikakis is back to his usual self. He starts off being self-referential (to paraphase "Back when I started writing about art, fifteen years ago..."). Umm, like this is of any help?

He then goes completely nuts on the name dropping. Check out this list:

Keith Haring
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Bernard Frize
Ross Bleckner
Gerhard Richter
Ian Davenport
Markus Döbeli
Damien Hirst
Stéphane La Rue
Marie-Claude Bouthillier
Carmen Ruschiensky
Martin Bourdeau

That's 35% of the content, right there folks. While he goes on to say some very effusive things about M. Lacasse's work, I do think the reader would have been better served with either something shorter - like "Hey this stuff rocks!" or something slightly more detailed than

Its painting is doubly rich. It is a continuation of modernity, this be-with-statement a reflexion on the pictorial matter and its expressive possibilities (consistency of the acrylic resin, sensuality of run painting, coloured tensions or, on the contrary, harmony of tone...). But its painting also exploits the almost mimetic capacity of art. Its tables often evoke milk, honey, amber or the resin..." [translation via Babelfish]

which is absolutely everything he writes that would qualify as being descriptive of the art on the walls.

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