Sunday, June 20, 2004

Isa Tousignant on Nelson Henricks


It occurred to me that I had been remiss in covering the local reviews. So, I'm going to correct that mistake. In this week's Hour Isa Tousignant writes 511 words on the Nelson Henricks exhibit at the Musee des beaux Arts. One problem is that a good two-thirds of it is quoting Stephane Aquin, the curator of the show (although if their is only one piece in the show, what exactly differentiates M. Aquin as curator from M. Aquin as collector? or any other title for that matter?)

Ms. Tousignant starts off alright, but once she starts quoting and/or paraphrasing M. Aquin it goes all academic and white cube. Who in their right mind is going to read The Hour for sentences like: "...reflect the two-ness of the piece itself with its split screen." Or "Out of confusion and multiplicity rise the most personal, singular interpretations."

Despite this, it still looks like a pretty kick-ass piece.

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