Sunday, June 27, 2004

All Childe Hassam! All the time!!


Since I started I guess I should continue. The New York Observer chimes in with their take on how bad Childe Hassam was.

On first scan, Hilton Kramer seems a little more nuanced and less over the top than Michael Kimmelman did in last week's New York Times. Mr. Kramer uses 773 words.

Some of the better ones: "The exhibition is simply too big for its subject." And "Hassam himself clearly understood that the flag paintings were his greatest work. (I would say his only great work.)"

But unlike Mr. Kimmelman, Mr. Kramer did not do any reasearch other than flipping through the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition. Of the 773 words in the article, 35% are quotes, or attributions from the catalogue. Good thing, H. Barbara Weinberg is a good writer.

Update: The New York Review of Books got John Updike to review the show, unlike Mr. Kramer he seems to like it, but he doesn't like the curator. My comments are here.

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