Friday, May 28, 2004

More reasons not to like the states


Short quick and to the point. From MAN the Washington City Paper is reporting that Guy Cogeval is being sued for Plagarism.

The article can be read here (scroll down to "SIMILAR IMPRESSIONS")

From my perspective (twisted at best) Annette and Brooks Beaulieu (the folks doing the suing) are looking for a payday. Their manuscript was unpublished, and how many ways are there to write about what Edouard Vuillard.did in the summer of 1896?

Unfortunately there are way too many precedents, and I would guess that it is likely that they do get their cash. MY guess is that if M. Cogeval did not write that "the catalog had required “a total reconsideration and rewriting” of existing research" and been slightly more generous with his thanks, this wouldn't have happened.

Who would've thunk, that me and Mr. Cogeval would be on the same side?

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