Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tough times on the Rock


Continuing on the business side of things, or at least the money side of things. It appears that whoever is in charge of things artistic within the government of Newfoundland isn't doing such a hot job.

Article 1: No new art for Nfld. government via the CBC website. Apparently Loyola Sullivan is the name of the Finance Minister on the Rock, and she can't find $200,000 within the most recent budget to buy art. Yet another reason why depending on government funding is more dangerous than getting hooked on junk. Perhaps instead the right honorable Ms. Sullivan should hook up with the people who bought these Frank Stella prints and this Gertrude Kļæ½sebier photograph, and see if they can't work out some sort of deal.

Article 2: Maybe perhaps because they can't afford to buy any art, the government of Newfoundland also decided to leave The Rooms, a building for which they've already spent $47.5 million empty for the time being. Maybe they should take all those Frank Stella prints,

Frank Stella, Newfoundland Series, River of Ponds I, 1971 Frank Stella, Newfoundland Series, River of Ponds III, 1971

and stick them in there.

Article 3: Then finally, after discovering that there is no money to purchase art, and that they aren't going to be showing any either, the magazine that publishes articles about art, is also going have to close down because of a lack of funding. Hmmm, can't buy it, can't see it, can't write about it because there ain't no money. Maybe they should start beating up on more baby seals, fast.

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