Friday, April 30, 2004

Some quick hits and no brainers


In today's Gazette, Bill Brownstein takes a sort of everyman approach to art in writing up, and then saying good things about Galerie 1225 Art et Vin. He uses words like "swank" and "ubiquitous" and then follows it up with the line: "Don't know much about art. But know what I like. And that would be wine..." It would be nice if he did not assume that art was only for the wealthy.

The CBC kicks in with a small bit about the protest in Ottawa over the dismissal of a tour guide at the National Gallery. I'm not certain why this is newsworthy, but then again, given the current state of affairs between the union and CBC management, maybe this is because of some hidden agenda.

Le Devoir has a small write up about how the exhibition Les Femmeuses was a smashing success. 5,500 folk wandering through and 122 pieces (out of 153) sold along with 40 Clémence DesRochers prints for a total take of $175,000. Or in other words, an average price of $1,080. Who says art has to be expensive?

Over at Artnet, some guy named Richard Polsky has his "insiders" take on who certain things work in the world of art. Remember when you're looking at some work by Ed Moses, don't let your girlfriend ask about earlier stuff.

And then last week in the Washington Post, Henry Allen positively gushes over cramming as much art as possible into The Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery. With a little luck, this could be the beginning of something big.

I also have four articles about the Riopelles kissing and making up. I'll save those for tomorrow, ok?

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