Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Red Letter Day


You'd figure that people would talk to each other. Right? Apparently not. On April 22nd, or this Thursday for those of you who don't have handy access to a calendar, there are at least 3 vernissages (or openings for those of you who don't have handy access to a French/English dictionary).

At B-312, Emmanuel Licha is going to be doing something involving a video called "In & Out" while Patrick Bernatchez is doing something called "Mechanique et debordements" and both of them are going to be rather excited at about 4:59 pm. I got an invitation in the mail, and while I duly noted all the necessary information in my agenda, I gotta admit that B-312's invitations don't really do anything for me. They are always the same format, which is good, or could be bad. I haven't quite made my mind up about that yet. But what really bugs me, is that they are text heavy. The cards themselves always have the artists' name prominently featured. Now, I sure as shooting know who and what B-312 is as a gallery - for those of you unfamiliar with it, it is an artist run center, that features new artists. So why the heck do they think that I'm gonna know something about the artist? Then they always come with a press release. Now, if I had the time, I would read the sucker, but they tend to write them like an academic treatise, and academic treatises in French tend to take way longer for me to slog through, and academic treatises in any languages aren't all that fun. So I figure at some point I will make it down there, just not for the vernie.

The reason I won't be making it there is because of the Salon des vins et spiritueux, which is happening at the Palais de congres. Thankfully, it will finish in time (or perhaps I should say, I will have had my fill) just in time to get over to the CACQM. There they're having a show by Lorraine Oades, which is called "The fun of it."

According to the invite the fun is a series of portraits. Now the CACQM sorta does the same thing as B-312, in that they include a press release in with their invite, but for some reason or another I don't view the CACQM's invites as difficult as B-312's. They print their press releases up on fancy paper, and I haven't done any systematic analysis, but it strikes me that the CACQM doesn't write as academically as B-312. But the other thing that I really like, is that there ain't no stinkin' picture on the invite. Obviously this is done in order to save money, but when there ain't no stinkin' picture then I get a tad curious as to what exactly is going to be exhibited. I'm always a big fan of a surprise, which also might account for the fond spot that the CACQM has, because they have this wicked-cool basement/foundation/catacombs that always bring out the six-year old in me.

Then, after the CACQM, I'm going to try to head over to the Saidye Bronfman Centre. There they have a vernie by Bill Burns called "Safety Gear for Small Animals." Now while somebody I know thinks that the lead picture is extremely repulsive, I gotta give Sylvie and Isa and whoever the new guy is props with regards to their invites. Big and in color (but only printed in color on one side to save on the cash) there ain't no stinkin' press release in it, and you (or at least I) have to make up my mind based on some dead birds and a cute kid.

Needless to say (actually let me take that back, if it was needless to say, then I shouldn't be writing) but you would think that Marthe would talk with Sylvie would talk with Dominique, so that me (and I assume a whole whack of other interested people) wouldn't be having to run all over the damn city on Thursday evening to check out the wicked cool parties that are going to be happening. Or maybe they have and there is this shuttle bus that requires a super secret art handshake in order to get on that I don't know about.

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