Saturday, March 20, 2004

Slow and gray

The CBC pre-empted ArtTalks for the leadership convention of the Conservative Party. Tony Harper won, big deal. The word "art" appears in his web site, according to Google exactly twice. Thank heavens that Art Hanger used to be the defense critic for the Conservatives (or was it the Alliance?)

For what it is worth, the word "art" (again according to Google) ain't anywhere on the conservative party's website.

Then my mom got her letter published in the New York Times! Woo-Hoo! If you're interested, it was in response to this article, which in turn was a report about this article.

Then, picking up on some more bits and pieces from a while back. The Globe & Mail ran this story about how the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ont is having difficulty because of some sculptures. As far as I can tell it is in fact because Revenue Canada has cracked down on folk trying to make a quick buck. Basically, the idea was you buy a piece of art, for say, $500. The next day this guy, on your behalf donates it to a charity, the charity cuts you a reciept for $5,000 which is good against your taxes. Obviously this ain't such a good idea.

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