Sunday, March 14, 2004

Over to the musical side of things


Scanning through the previous posts, I realize that I have been a tad sketchy with my posting. It is entirely due to my making the Live at Zeke's Gallery CD catalogue. It is now completed and in the process of being printed. Ask for one by name. In a nutshell, it lists the 39 CDs that were recorded here in 2003, the 28 CDs that were done in 2002 (along with brief descriptions) a history and explanation of the gallery and the recording series, complete with almost full-size color glossy photos! Don't forget to ask for one by name. And while all of that was happening I also completed another eight CDs of shows from 2004, which if you've been keeping count means that we're up to a total of 75. Collect 'em all! By name.

But in the interest of keeping your interest, cause I don't think flogging the CDs any harder will keep your eyelids open for long, Alexis Petridis the [Manchester] Guardian's rock and pop critic wrote, back in February that most if not all, musicians should cease and desist. He doesn't like the potential glut of recordings, that he, as a critic, would be forced to hear if there weren't any record companies.

It sounds like he's whining about having been subjected to Finley Quaye's Vanguard, Terence Trent D'Arby's Neither Fish Nor Flesh or Lauryn Hill's Unplugged V2.0. The only problem with his argument is the really really bad albums that he lists all came from the major labels. As a firm proponent of the DIY ethic, I can't see how any record label can do anything but get in the way, and take money from the pockets of the people who should rightly get it. Hell, the gallery splits the proceeds of all the CDs 50/50 and I think that the gallery is taking way too much (but on the other hand, I realize the necessity of the gallery continuing to pay rent and a phone bill).

If Mr. Petridis really can't stand bad music, then maybe he should get another job. He gets the music for free and still whines. For the record if there had been no record companies than it wouldn't have taken 40 years for Smile to see the light of day, and the Basement Tapes would've probably come out way quicker, too.

Yes, there are a whole whack of CDs that have been produced here that you're not going to like, but there are also a bunch of CDs that have been produced here, that you are going to adore. I guarantee it. If you dig L'Ensemble en Pieces then you're probably not going to get off on David Pearce. But if you think that Dragana is your cup of tea, then you'll probably enjoy Pemi Paul or Dirty Ol' Band. But if you close your ears, and don't listen to any of them then the only things you're going to hear are the endless variations on Celine Dion that get played in the Metro. And that, my friend, is definitely going to make you a lesser person.

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