Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Nothing Much Today


I've been hanging Janice Tayler's Show. Did you get you invitation?

Click here, to see it, if you didn't, ok?

In case you didn't we have 5 (count 'em! five!) vernissages for you.

Thursday March 25 at 5 pm (otherwise know as tomorrow) we're hosting the Non-Smoking Vernissage, a sort of advance preview, or dress rehearsal if you may. Come and tell your friends what to expect.

Friday March 26 at 4 pm there's the Super Secret VIP Vernissage, which is by invitation only. (Black Tie, too please). No
this is NOT an invitation, RSVP, Zeke at (514) 288-2233.

Saturday March 27 at 8 pm there is the traditional Smoking Vernissage. This is the one to come to if you're only going
to come to one. Don't miss it.

Sunday March 28 at 2 pm we have the Kid-Friendly Vernissage. This has become a "new" tradition. Tons of fun watching
the short squirts run around and ask tough questions about the art. Suitable for folks of all ages, but if you're in between 8 months and 8,000 months we have home made cookies and milk for you.

And finally at 5 pm on Sunday we host the Pet-Friendly Vernissage. Kibbles and bits! 'Nuff said.

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