Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Nice dovetailing


Some quick hits this morning. I (as per normal) was listening to Joe Cummings' Arts Report on CBC Radio Two and the lead story on the eight o'clock edition was about a Thomas Kincaide Gallery in Toronto. I got a very big kick out of shouting "no," "No," and "NO!" at the radio, you know it got my adrenaline pumping. Then, I figured that since yesterday was an R & R day, after the weekend, and that I would go through some older articles that had caught my eye, and wouldn't you know it the first one is about the "Painter of Light."

Last week the OC Register, in California, published an article by Richard Chang about an exhibition of Thomas Kincaide's that will be happening at the Grand Central Art Center and California State University, Fullerton's Main Art Gallery. Now, I've never been to either one, but my guess is that the Grand, is probably like the Saidye Bronfman Centre here in town, Cal State Fullerton's is the equivalent of the Leonard and Bina Ellen at Concordia U. For those of you, blissfully unaware of Thomas Kincaide, here's a quote from the article:

...Thomas Kinkade? He's the king of schlock, the bane of art critics everywhere. The fellow who mass reproduces his paintings and sells them to folks with no taste. The dude who rakes in $100 million a year.
And then, also for those of you still blissfully unaware of Thomas Kincaide, here's a quote from the New York Stock Exchange: Quote.

Now, I like the idea of Cal State wanting to shake things up, I'm a tad disappointed with Mr. Cummings talking about an event at a Thomas Kincaide Signature Gallery in the same manner as he will the opening of the Rodney Graham show.

Next up!

Again, last week, the Boston Globe ran an article by Christopher Dreher, about litigation as a publicity stunt. Now, I assume y'all know about death as a career move (be honest, when was the last time that YOU listened to "Letter from America?") but seeing as lawyers ostensibly working for Michael Moore, and Fox News threatened some writers because of the titles chosen for their books and it then caused the books to get more coverage than they normally would have, I can only assume that said lawyers did not graduate a) anywhere near the top of their class, and b) their school was something like Slippery Rock State Normal School.


Two Saturday's ago, the Palm Beach Post wrote how Florida Arts Groups had successfully lobbied the Florida state legislature to restore $21 million in funding. The line that got me was this one: "...arts groups began flooding legislative offices with 200,000 multicolored protest cards..."

It made me think that I'm obviously gonna have to ramp up my database to include all the MNAs in Quebec, and perhaps go so far as to add all the MPs in Ottawa, too. And I thought sending out more than 12,000 invitations was plenty. Obviously not.

More tomorrow, I promise.

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