Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's a gray day


It's early, it's gray, it's raining, my brain has not quite made it into 2nd gear yet, so I'm going to follow up on some stuff. Nothing too new, nothing too wonky.

On today's Arts Report (with Joe Cummings) he mentioned that more than 5 million people in Canada watched the Oscars. I'd bet dollars to donuts that more than half of them were in Qu´┐Żbec.

Then, in the round up about the Hydro-Quebec Festival of Light [consumption] they (pretty much every damn news outlet in the city that I've seen or heard) talk about how it was an outstanding and incredible accomplishment. My eye! According to their figures they were successful in convincing 500,000 people to partake of something during the event. They also spent $6 million dollars. For those of you that are math challenged, that means that Andre Menard and Alain Simard spent $12 to drag each and every one of those people on site. And then in the fine print, they then mention how they might make a small profit. Personally, I'd prefer to pocket the money, thanks.

And, to continue, Le Devoir, or more specifically, Christopher Huss, got it dead-on-balls-accurate, Kent Nagano is going to replace Charles Dutoit in 2006. And I ask you in what other city in the world, would a conductor make the front page of The Newspaper of Record, above the cutline, and complete with full color picture twice in less than a week?

For those of you wanting more visual arts stuff, on Thursday get thee to the MACM, Michael Govan is going to be giving a talk at 6 pm. For those of you who insist on being provincial, he's the head honcho and big cheese of the Dia Art Foundation. I wonder if he has art in his office?

Now I gotta get back to work.

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