Monday, March 29, 2004

Before my second cup of coffee


Initially I was going to try to write something yesterday night after the Great Lake Swimmers finished playing here, but it was not going to happen. Something about exhaustion. So, instead you get me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing in the morning.

Yesterday was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It started with the kid-friendly vernissage, continued with the pet-friendly vernissage, and nothing like a bunch of short squirts, and some furry folk to put an even larger smile on your face on a bright and sunny day.

We ended up receiving more than 70 people (contrary to popular belief, I did not count the pets). Which was a new world record for the kid-friendly vernissages. I quite liked it when there were (by my count) three dogs, a cat, and at least seven kids all scampering around making a glorious racket. On one hand I was quite pleased that there were no cookies left over, on the other hand, this morning I am a tad disappointed that there aren�t any left over cookies.

If I find the time I might try and rope in the people responsible for Sesame Street as the next sponsor for the gallery � you know, something along the line of �Zeke�s Gallery is brought to you by the number four, and the letter Z.� Although on second thought, it might be a tad difficult to explain things if Zeke�s Gallery was brought to you by anything other than the letter �Z.� And I�m not quite sure if I am ready to be accused of ignoring the 25 other letters yet.

Janice Tayler�s art was quite well received. The rugrats were scampering all over the place trying to figure out which paintings had the flowers, and where the flowers were. Those that had a year or two of schooling ended up focusing on the hidden letters and crouching numbers, but fortunately nobody got into any martial arts battles. Although in retrospect, that could�ve been sorta cool. I�ll try and post a longer review/discussion of her art slightly later in the week.

That all being said, I�d like to remind everybody a) that there is a Board of Director�s meeting here tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7 pm, if you would like to become more involved in the day-to-day workings of the gallery you�re invited, or if you would merely like to see how the gallery functions and get involved in a more month-to-month basis that�s cool, too, And then b) we still have some tickets left for the Expos home opener, if you would like to join the group, email me, or call, you�re most welcome and your presence would be greatly appreciated.

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